Sunday, June 14, 2009

Potstickers: The Daring Cook Challenge, June 2009

I have completed my first Daring Cook Challenge, Potstickers.  The recipe worked well, just as presented by Jen at userealbutter blog.  I followed her suggestion to weigh the flour instead of measuring it. 



We thought the filling was a little bland so I added the equivalent of 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 tablespoons gin, and ½ teaspoon white pepper.  To test the new filling, I quickly cooked up a small amount.  Why waste another wrapper?

Making the wrappers was easy and fun. I inadvertently discovered that the dough was easier to work with after being refrigerated for a night.  I left the dough wrapped in a damp towel and kept it in the refrigerator until the next day when I was ready to work with it.



I made potstickers with half the filling.  I assembled and froze the rest about half of which ended up in soup and the rest are still frozen for another day.

I used a recipe from Sunset Magazine (March 1998) for the soup with a few additions. The recipe calls for canned broth but I used homemade stock I had in the freezer.  I also added 4 napa cabbage leaves, 1 carrot sliced thin, and about 1 cup of frozen peas. I don't know how to post a link yet so here's the link to the soup --


  1. I'm running around trying to get to everyone's post and I can't recall if I've posted here (and it's in moderation) or not? BUT - those dumplings look great and I especially love the soup versions people are making. So glad you enjoyed them and I like your addition of some gin to the filling!

  2. I love dumpling soups in the winter. Yours looks real good!

  3. WOW and congrats on your 1st challenge - and I found that the dough was much easier to handel after a good night's rest. What a nice looking dumpling soup. Super effort. Cheers from Audax

  4. gin.. How interesting. Both looked great. Well done on your first challenge =)

  5. Yum!! Your dumplings look awesome, and the filling sounds perfect =D. Great job on this challenge!!

  6. Thanks to all for your encouraging words. The next challenge is really something, isn't it?