Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spot Prawns - Leaping Grocery Bag Batman

Have you ever had your groceries try to escape? It happened to me yesterday.  I purchased some live spot prawns for one of the food writers at Sunset Magazine; she needed them to test a recipe from a chef in British Colombia. I was only getting the prawns so I didn’t have a cart, I felt the bag jump several times as I carried it through the store. Driving back to work I could hear them banging against the bag. I thought of “Hogan’s Heroes” and imagined them working on an escape plan.

None of this stopped me from enjoying the prawns once they were cooked and served with a delicious, homemade herb and onion mayonnaise. It will be awhile before Elaine's recipe gets published so until then think I'd like to try this spot prawn recipe I found over at 46th at grace.  Her photos are wonderful and the sandwich looks delicious.

I got the last of the Spot Prawns at Marina Foods in San Mateo but I'm sure they'll get more soon, call first. Marina is a great place to get groceries and produce needed for Asian cooking.

Fisherman and prawn photo: BC knows how to welcome the Spot Prawn.

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